Learning About G Scale Model Trains

G scale trains belong to the larger-scale models category of model trains. The G scale is one of the largest train replicas in the model train and railroading world. It is even the biggest of the most popular model trains. The G scale model ratio is 1:22. This means that the replica is only twenty two times smaller than its real-life cousin. If you think about it, other models and scales are a whole lot smaller. The O scale, for instance, also belongs to the larger scale models but is just about half the size of G scale model trains – only 1:48 in ratio. To compare, O scale model trains are 16.1 inches long and 3.6 tall; while G scale models are 26.7 inches long and about half a foot high. G scale model trains were developed by Paul Lehmann Patetnwerk, head of the German company Lehmann Gross Bahn – also known by two other names: LGB, or as known in English, Lehmann Big Train. LGB has manufactured model trains since 1881 and has an American branch called LGB America.  

Due to its considerable size, most model train and railroaders affectionately refer to the G scale model trains as if it stands for “garden”. The letter actually stands for groß, which in German means “big”. For G scale model trains, No.1 tracks are used – so do other larger scale trains. The gauge, or the width of the No.1 track, is about 45 millimeters.

G scale model trains are durable ones, so if you’re planning on having a railroad track in your backyard, it would be a great scale to choose. The tracks of G scale models are made of brass. These won’t require you to do a lot of maintenance. You can simply wipe it with a clean cloth, and the track will be good for plenty of runs. If you have some space in your home, you can put your G scale model train indoors.

Two of the best G scale model train and track manufacturers are Bachmann and Aristocraft. The durability that G scale mode trains are well known for can be put to good use. For instance, it can be introduced to kids by their parents who are model train enthusiasts as well – without the worry for the train getting broken. This makes for a good medium for the family to bond. Smaller scales like the 4.8 inch high 1.1 inch tall N scale models will easily get destroyed by kids, who do not know gentleness towards toys, as opposed to the sturdy G scale – so the latter is a getter choice overall.   

Model train and railroading has been around for a long time and manufacturers have created different scales for you to choose which one you like best. This includes the G scale model trains.

Jason R. Dodson is a toy enthusiast and a miniature piece collector with a special interest in locomotives. He pays special attention to hismodel trains and has built the website www.ultimatemodeltraincenter.com to help model railroaders get started with the hobby.

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