Large HO Basement Model Railroad Layout

Norman Stenzel’s HO layout is located in Atlanta GA. The layout fills a 2000 square foot basement and is based on a fictional railroad, the Brandywine & Benedictine. More info on layout can be found here: Brief Overview: The Brandywine & Benedictine Railroad is a Class 1 Appalachian coal hauler modeled in 1953. It runs north and south from Winston Salem, NC to Pittsburgh, PA. Motive power is a 50/50 mix of steam and first generation diesel power. The railroad is designed with prototype operations in mind with jobs to keep 12 to 16 people busy. The B&B is controlled using Digitrax DCC and a computer running RR&CO software. Layout owner is Norman Stenzel. This layout is located in Atlanta GA. My visit: I and 5 members of the Orlando N-trak club (from Orlando FL) were invited to run on this layout during the Dixie Rail 2010 ops session held October 1 – 3. We visited this layout on Saturday Oct 2nd. Extra Note: At 03:13 The crossing gates sounds are actually coming from the model. The passing train steam audio and freight car audio was dubbed from recordings I made at Cass WV and from a NS freight in Atlanta GA. Extra Note 2: The crossing gates on the layout can be activiated or deactivated by the push button or by sensing the approaching train. All footage recorded by Jared Davis (C) of Whistlepost Productions.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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