Kato JRF EH500 Electric Locomotive N Scale 3037-1 Review

This is a review as requested by some of my subscribers that model N gauge Japanese railways. This is a Japanese EH500 Electric Freight Locomotive made by Kato in Japan and I originally bought this model back in 2006. The model has two can motors and all-wheel drive as well as directional headlights which are quite nice when operating in “night” mode. The motors are very quiet and the model has amazing pulling power, the pantographs can be adjusted if desired but they are not working ones. I have used a fairly long test train to test the hauling power of this model. At plus P&P as I got it from Plaza Japan through eBay, it is very good value for money and it comes with a hoard of detailling parts that you can add to the model (high precision tweezers are STONGLY advised) to make the model look even more protoypical. Overall Rating: 10/10

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