Just got a puppy, I need some help?

Question by Pomlover: Just got a puppy, I need some help?
My husband surprised me and got us a toy pomeranian puppy as my valentines gift since we have really been wanting a pet.I really really love her she is such a sweet puppy. The problem I am having is that
1. I work from 8:00am-5pm and my husband works 10 am to 10 sometimes 11pm. I worry about her being alone so long, I feel very sorry for her.

2. I am having problems potty training her..i come home for lunch everyday to let her out and play with her. I have been reading and being consistent, I have most recently started to try the “crate training” method. How long does it usually take to potty train a puppy?

So is it okay for her to be alone all day? And what do I do with her, obviously I can’t just let her roam the house she would potty everywhere…I have been putting her in a play pen for now with food and water blanket and pee pads….

And does anyone have any tips and knowledge on how long it takes to potty train a puppy???
She is 12 weeks old and she is about 1 lb so she is extremely small…..so do I leave her in the crate when I am gone…I am also having a problem trying to find someone to come over and let her out. We both work on way on the other side of town and my sister and brother work and so does my mother. I don’t know any of my neighbors so I don’t know who I would get to come check on her.
okay “bobbie” they called her a “toy” because she is only 1 lb and yes I have papers on her from the AKC so shut the f up….it doesn’t say “toy” on the papers. The breeder that sold her to me referred to her as a toy because she is so small.

My husband got her on the 12th as an early valentines day present.

So you should get off of your high horse you don’t know anything about me or my dog.

Don’t you have more important things to do than going around trying to be a know it all?
Everyone (except for that lonely and miserable person Bobbie) has been more than helpful with lots of tips and advice

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Answer by Bells IS Suspended
You leave the dog in the crate. A size appropriate crate.

Depending on how young the pup is…you might have to arrange for someone to let her out every 2-3 hours.

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