Is this Lionel train worth anything?

Question by thisisonlyatest: Is this Lionel train worth anything?
Ok, so I have an Lionel train in HO scale that was my father’s (so circa 1950’s) it’s a frieght train, not the kind that makes smoke. If it had it’s rubber bands changed, it would still run and the light still works.

it has the frieght train, one passenger car and 2 cargo cars. Also it’s orginal tracks and control. (I’m not looking to sell it, but a friend of mine said it’s not worth anything because it’s HO, even if it is lionel.)

What do you think?

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Answer by Steven D
Your friend is mistaken. Contact a local model railroad club and go from there. If you’re not sure, don’t invest a lot of money. I suggest buying a couple model railroading magazines for about $ 10 – $ 14, and go from there. A basic set goes for about $ 100.My wife and I work on the layout together, she does the buildings and I do the ground work.
Here’s some links:………

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