Is there a standard size for model trains?

Question by onetruesirdino: Is there a standard size for model trains?
Sine I was a child I wanted to collect model trains. Recently my gf bought me a model train for my bday. I have seen different sizes in the hobby shops and I was wondering if there is a “popular” size. I do not care for the large ones (no offense to those who do) and I do not want “tiny” trains… Is “NH” a common size?

My intention is to build one of the monumentous train “towns” you see in exhibits. I do not want to spend years collecting sizes that may difficult to keep up with.
Thank you to all of you for answerting. This has reeeeeealllly been helpful.

YES, it is worth 10

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Answer by pknutson_sws
The standard scale for model trains is H.O. scale

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