Is the model railroad industry dwindling?

Question by : Is the model railroad industry dwindling?
I mean these things are like over $ 900.00 and they hardly sell their merchandise because it is so expensive.

Is there a way to save this industry from dying out?

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Answer by Lastdue
I think it’s rapidly changing but I wouldn’t say it was dying out. I do see rapid changes coming in the next few years to some scales. For example I think that O and S scales will really start to diminish in the next few years while N, Ho and G will get more popular. Most O and S scalers are on up in years and while most hobby stores will tell you that they sell a lot of O scale as these folks age I don’t see them being replaced. They also have the money to spend on the expensive items that you are talking about.
As baby boomers retire, I see G scale getting a larger following. I sell some train items on ebay and most of it goes to retirees in CA and FL. These people will still be with us for many more years. Ho and N will be popular with people just getting into the hobby. The problem is how to get new people in. There is a lot of competition with video games and the internet. I will say however that the internet has made it possible to be a good modeler even for someone miles from the nearest hobby store.
I think that the internet will be the death of the local hobby store, at least for trains. They just can’t stock all the items or compete with the prices online.

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