Is it possible to personalize Lionel trains?

Question by : Is it possible to personalize Lionel trains?
Is there a way I can personalize a Lionel train online to say something, order it, and be able to run it on a track? Thanks! ^.^

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Answer by mariner31
Lionel Trains doesn’t do it themselves… I searched their site: . BUT you could do what I had to do with a number of N-scale locomotives and cars to “personalize” them to my railroad:

I ordered lettering and striping from Microscale, used an eraser to remove the OLD lettering (it’s paint), and renamed the yard engines for the “Yamson & Shepherd RR”

Here is the site for Microscale:

LOOK for an old issue of Model Railroader magazine at your library (or online)… I know they did an article on removing old names and renaming cars just in the last year:

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