Is it bad to have a low IQ in this world?

Question by Follower of the light!: Is it bad to have a low IQ in this world?
I was recently given the Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale-Third Edition test by a person trained too do so. On the test I scored a Full Scale I.Q of 88(21 percentile), which reflected a verbal Scale I.Q of 92(30th percentile) and a performance Scale I.Q of 83(13th percentile). The chances that the range of scores between 84 to 92 encompasses my Full Scale I.Q are about 95 out of 100. According to them my Intellectual functioning was found to be within the Low Average range.

Now my question is from what they wrote there does anyone know what there trying to say my I.Q is?

Am I able to learn basic algebra to pass my G.E.D test?

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Answer by robertminidriver
On that particular test, your IQ score was 88.

You should be able to gain enough of an understanding of basic algebra to pass your GED.

However, you will need to put in the hard work and diligent study time to make sure that you can perform above the minimum GED requirements.

You can’t assume that you can breeze through the test, or your life for that matter, based on your natural ability. You should assume that you need to outwork the other guy in order to be successful.

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