Is anyone familar with an apple II game from the late 80’s early 90’s.?

Question by swdshmeatballs: Is anyone familar with an apple II game from the late 80’s early 90’s.?
I dont remeber the exact point of the game and have no idea why i played it when i was young. i cant remember the title of the game and its been bugging me forever. Anway i do remember that u played as a “black hat” which was what the character looked like, and you went around to different cities in the U.S. on trains that u caught at certain times in each city. You were tryign to look for infected ppl in the cities that reminded me of “fuzzy tvs”. If you touched one of these infected ppl u became infected as well and lost control of your character and jsut bounced around on the different screens. In the end i think you were looking for the source of the infection perhaps a “tv set” looking thing. Maybe you were trying to stop the infection from spreading. I know i have been pretty vague but please please please if any has ANY idea what this game would be let me know! Thanks

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Answer by dualmp
The only game that I remember back then was Zork it almost sounds like that but I don’t think it is. Good question I would like to remember some of them they were the best expecally with your imagination.

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