Im looking for an ho scale model of a wafflehouse?

Question by lanimal2000: Im looking for an ho scale model of a wafflehouse?
Ive been searching everywhere for an ho scale wafflehouse for my model railroad,but not had any luck. Are these not available anywhere? I would even pay someone to build me one. I already have a few single wide trailers and a couple of old pick-up trucks n cars on blocks ready to put together near the tracks,now all I need is a place for the residents to eat !

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Answer by mariner31
I couldn’t find one either !! Amusing given all the other “chains” that have models in HO and N (I have a McDonald’s, KFC, and Denny’s in N-Scale) either through Summit Models or plans.

Here is Summit Models which has GREAT buildings:

OH OH OH !!! Summit Models IS planning on releasing a Waffle House !!

Here though are plans for a Denny’s:

I build N-Scale for the current Union Pacific in the San Joaquin and Santa Clara Valley’s… no Waffle House out here.

In case you can’t WAIT… here is their site if you wanted to build one from their photos:

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