If there is no such thing as an invisible, intangible “spirit” or “soul” of Humans- WHERE is all memory stored?

Question by Black Tensegrity Warrior: If there is no such thing as an invisible, intangible “spirit” or “soul” of Humans- WHERE is all memory stored?
Every single perception we experienced in our lives can be retrieved via hypnosis, or meditative Total Recall practices (e.g. Los Nuevos Videntes “Recapitulation.”) Where is this data stored? by the 1950s, it was realized that there is not enough space in the BRAIN to store more than three MONTHS’ worth of memory. After that, it should be dumped, to make room for new memory.

Robert A. Heinlein in his TIME ENOUGH FOR LOVE novel speculated that the mind would get filled up after a couple of thousand years, so that people would have to delete experiences to make room.
A recent IRON MAN Comic book story arc (DARK REIGN) had Tony Stark spending weeks and enormous discharges of electrical energy to delete classified information from his brain, so as to prevent it from falling into the wrong hands. My point being that this represents the level of knowledge of conventionally educated people, who take for granted that the “55 Perceptics”

. THE 55 PERCEPTICS (by L. Ron Hubbard’s reckoning):

1. Time; 2. Sight; 3. Taste; 4.Colour; 5. Solidity (Barriers); 6.Relative Sizes (External); 7.Sound; 8.Pitch; 9.Tone; 10.Volume; 11.Rhythm; 12.Smell (4 subdivisions); 13.Touch (4 subdivisions); Personal Emotion; 15.Endocrine States; 16.Awareness of Awareness; 17.Personal Size; 18.Organic sensation (including hunger); 19.Heartbeat; 20.Blood circulation; 21.Cellular and bacterial Position; 22.Gravitic (self and other weights); 23. Motion of Self; 24.Motion (exterior); 25.Body Position; 26.Joint Position; 27.Internal Temperature; 28.External Temperature; 29.Balance; 30.Muscular Tension; 31.Saline Content of Self (Body); 32.Fields (Magnetic); 33.Time Track Motion; 34.Physical Energy (weariness, etc.) 35.Self-Determinism (relative on each Dynamic); 36.Moisture (Self); 37.Sound Direction; 38.Emotional state of other Organs; 39.Personal Position on The Tone Scale; 40.Affinity (Self and others); 41.Communication (Self and others); 42.Reality (Self and others); 43.Emotional State of Groups; 44.Compass Direction; 45.Level of Consciousness; 46.Pain; 47.Perception of Conclusions (Past and Present); 48.perception of Computation (Past and Present); 49.Perception of Imagination (Past and Present); 50.Perception of Having Perceived (Past and Present); 51.Awareness of Not-Knowing; 52.Awareness of Importance, Unimportance; 53.Awareness of Others; 54.Awareness of Location and Placement a.Masses, b.Spaces, c.Location Itself; 55.Perception of Appetite (Problem covered under 17).

CAN be, and ARE stored in the brain.
Experiments that prove that memories can be accessed through the brain (by touching electrodes to certain areas of the cerebrum, eliciting memories in the person whose head has been cut open (BY LICENSED TRAINED SCIENTISTS! DO NOT TRY AT HOME!!!) are misinterpreted and misrepresented to make the public believe that ALL one’s memory is stored in the brain.

For instance, if you touch an electrode to one region, you might remember a symphony.
Why doesn’t this prove that every symphony you ever heard is stored in the brain?
Very simple: WHERE ARE THEY? The entire region of ONE symphony is in an area the size of a fingernail. How many fingernails can you fit in the brain?

How would the information be stored- ZIP files? DVD? (Whoever cracks that can become richer than Bill Gates and Steve Jobs combined!)

But if the Spiritual Realm is the actual site of storage (Isaac Asimov speculated that a computer containing the sum total of all Human Knowledge in a galactic empire could be accessed through a computer the size of a balloon, but stored in “Hyperspace,”) the brain merely accessed the data, and damage to the brain merely means that the lines to access the data are compromised, but the actual data itself is unaffected, and if alternate routes can be established, memory lost through chemical or physical brain damage can be completely restored.

Does the Phenomenon of Long-Term Memory strongly suggest that the living Human organism extends far beyond the Physical Planes of Existence, and may be capable of surviving the loss of the physical “Meat Puppet” body?
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Hypnosis can retrieve “every single perception” like the colour of the first car you saw in 2003.
You seem not to know anything about hypnotism, because this is exactly what hypnotism can do.
In Scientology and Tensegrity, this is exactly what practitioners do.
People who have watched relatives die reported that without special training, they recapitulated their entire life’s experiences before they died, like watching a movie. This is said to be crucial to experiencing an AfterLife.

“Assuming a person remembered every tiny detail of every waking second, but of course, we dont.”

Speak for yourself, and you are still wrong. Every detail of everything you have ever learned is in your mind- it is just not consciously accessible. The presumption that the brain cannot contain more than 3 months worth of data was based on the idea that it cannot remember details.

“The ent

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Answer by Spunky The Metaphysical
In the wet-ware, child. In your brain.

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