i want to get into ho scale model trains is it hard and expensive?

Question by CORY: i want to get into ho scale model trains is it hard and expensive?
how hard and how long dose it take and how expensive?

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Answer by Andy
It’s not hard.There are sources for stuff everywhere.As for how long there is no answer to that.If you really get into it it’s an ongoing thing that can last for years.Your only limited by your imagination and how much you have to spend on it.It can be very expensive.But there are all levels of quality in model train stuff.It all depends on what you want.You can buy ready made stuff,kits,or materials for scratch building stuff.I suggest you do an online search for some model railroading books(or even try your local library before you do anything.That will give you a better idea of what’s available and help you decide how far you want to go.It will also let you see some ideas of things you can do.Look for one that explains starting out into model railroading.Klambach Publishing has many such books.Another thing worth doing is look for some model railroad clubs where you live.That way you can go look and see what it’s all about.You might even want to join them!That way you can learn how to do it and also get the benefit of having a cool layout to run on without having to spend major bucks to build your own.http://www.kalmbachstore.com/modeltrains-railroading-model-railroading-books.html

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