I think my 11 year old niece has a crush on me! help!?

Question by special-k: I think my 11 year old niece has a crush on me! help!?
Im a 27 year old open butch lesbian surfer / boxer/ WFA running back and my wife’s sister’s daughter (my niece) seems to be a “lesbian in training” because she acts the same way my wife and I did at that age. anyway. she wants to hang out, throw the football, watch movies etc every day. she texts and calls me several times daily. when we ARE hanging out, she cuddles into me, rubs on me, tries to tickle me and even kisses and touches me inappropriately. she tries to dress like me and wants to become involved in the same sports as well. she even talks like me. Am I a role model to her? or am I a crush? and if I am a crush of her’s, how do I approach telling her not to do some of these things without hurting her feelings because I do love her and enjoy being with her.

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Answer by Ezio
This is very creepy, so just try and dissuade her. Tell her it isn’t appropriate.

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