I “inherited” an American Eskimo Spitz from a family member who passed away. HELP on some bad habits?

Question by mtkrvi06: I “inherited” an American Eskimo Spitz from a family member who passed away. HELP on some bad habits?
My cousin has ALWAYS kept 2 Spitz with him since I was a little girl. (Im now 35). They were never “litter/mates” but if one passed from natural causes, he had a new puppy. This was not OFTEN but when my cousin himself passed, he left the “puppy” who is a little over a year and his older dog that is more like 6 years old. BOTH were raised in a home without children, and I have 2 teens and a 21month old. The older dog went with my aunt as she is single and her children are grown. The older dog growled at my baby and at the dogs age? I just was afraid he was too “set” in his ways to be acclimated to my little one.
Now the younger one is GREAT with the baby. No growling or aggressive actions at all.
The first week she was here, she was skittish…naturally….she just lost her “daddy” and is in a new, strange place. She’s come out of her shell and I’ve noticed two things.
When I play with her, and she gets excited, she pees and then tries to lick it away…..so you KNOW she’s gone a “little” and she literally licks herself clean…..sometimes she will go much MORE than just an “excited” pee and she instantly goes and hides in her crate and I KNOW it was an accident. “I” don’t yell at her. I think my Cousin may have scared her? BY NO MEANS was it “abuse” because he treated these dogs like his “children”. He was never married, never HAD kids so the dogs were his companions.
Anyway, when she see’s my husband, he’s about the same build as her “daddy” who passed. Let’s say I’m outside when he gets off work. She dances around and is so happy to see him that she pee’s right on the concrete where she’s spinning, the tucks tail….spins a few more times and when hubby is out of the car? BOUNDS to him and leaps up to his arms at least 4 feet up…lol

WHY is she peeing like that…..WHY does she seem like “she’s in trouble” when she goes more then “she” can clean up (and I don’t WANT her licking up her pee either, that’s YUCK and she licks my daughter in the face…..YUCK). Is she too “old” to break this habit??
I have an appointment to have her spayed. Will this help with the problem?
I have NO idea what to do. She’s a very well trained dog other than this issue and she will bark every time someone knocks on the door. No problem with that because once the person is “let in” she stops.
She heels, she sits, she dances on her back legs in a circle. She’s smart as can be. I am a stay at home mom so I take her out enough….more than even SHE needs but some trips are just to let her gets some energy out.
I was successful in getting her used to the baby over a few weeks by letting the baby “feed” her treats when it was treat time. She went from hiding from the baby and jumping in fear from every loud noise to chasing her around playing. I FEEL confident she can break this other habit but am just unsure if it’s a Medical issue or no? I just have no clue what to start with. I read another post about “excited/happy” peeing dogs and the suggestions do not fit our lifestyle. I don’t baby talk her in an excited voice when she’s doing this. It’s ONLY when she see’s someone get home that she’s missed (husband) or if I get a toy out to play with her. MOSTLY with the toy as we are playing.
Can dogs have incontinence?? THAT is what is seems like.
I DID ask my aunt (who is the MOTHER of the man who owned them) if she had always done this or if it’s a “new” behavior possibly caused by the move?
She has ALWAYS done this.
Awww, I would NEVER get mad at her for it, I know she can’t help it. 🙁 I hope he didn’t get angry at her….he always “seemed” so good with them and they literally worshiped him. He was “daddy”. There is ALSO the other older female dog to consider? Maybe this younger dog felt submissive to HER?
I’m going to try the tricks when playing and to let my husband know to NOT make a big show of getting out of the car for her…lol He was rolling the window down and calling her name and then she just spun in circles waiting and when he finally gets out she HOPS into his arms. Of course she now has pee on her and he’s just shaking his head. We have been so afraid of her feelings since she’s been uprooted, new owners….that we are very very “easy” with her. I even try to ask the baby to be “easy easy” and not jump so much (that’s not so easy but Peanut is getting used to it).
The ONLY time I’ve had to “get on” to her is that she snatches food from the baby’s hand….(not aggressively b

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Answer by ladystang
submissive pee
you just have to figure out what causes it and try to work around it.
mine does it if people talk baby talk to her or lean over to pet or pick up. if they let her come to them and stand she doesn’t do it.
just have to train like a new puppy on other behavior
all dogs needs training, socialization, exercise, grooming and vet care.

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