I have an old collection of Lionel trains, how much can I sell it for?

Question by alduflo55: I have an old collection of Lionel trains, how much can I sell it for?
When I was little I used to love Lionel trains, I have literally a closet room of stuff still sitting around in our unused closet. Apart from clearing that closet space for something else, I have taken up airsoft and I was looking to buy a gun that with ammo, clips, and cleaning tools as well as other things would price around $ 700 total. I have two pennsylvania flyers, a penn. flyer passenger expansion pack, a santa fe diesel engine with 3 passnger cars (I always just bought ready to run sets) and an old union pacific berkshire locomotive that came with a ready to run set. I also have a fair amount of rolling stock and lots of fastrack and two fastrack switches as well as some old buildings. I have all the transformers that came with the train sets as well as some other things like a large green mat. Some things are damaged and a little dusty/dirty but I figured I can pick up around $ 700/800 bucks for all this on eBay, is this realistic? how should I sell all this crap to get the most money I can? The sooner the better too since I think we are moving in a few weeks. Ive never really sold any of my old crap (Im 16) so help would be appreciated.

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Answer by Hayley
Sell it for how ever much you want to and be reasonable at the same time.

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