How to train my dog????!!!!!!!?

Question by : How to train my dog????!!!!!!!?
So…we got our dog from our grandma about 2 years ago and she was supposedly trained. She did fine for awhile…..occasionally chewing up things while ignoring her own toys…but in all she’s done pretty well so far. But NOWW shes for some reason…well…going to the bathroom all over our floors. Everywhere. I don’t know what to do with her since she HATES the rain and REFUSES to go outside when its even wet AFTER raining. Oh, and she hates snow. And it’s mid-fall. It’s almost winter! My mom is about ready to give her away and I REALLY don’t want her to. SO.

1. any tips on what the heck I should do with her?! How do I “re-train” her; since I think we let the training lapse a little.

2. any good websites that can give me specifics?? I can’t afford to buy a book, and I can never get to the library…so websites are good(: Thankkss


and it’s not age. she’s about 3 years old.


I’m super busy so I don’t have hours to follow her around and watch and note everything she does…habits, etc. Plus it’s hard because this is all on me. It’s my dog. So I have to do everything with her, and I don’t have infinite amounts of time to spend on super-dog-training her. haha so immediate ideas…please(:

ANSWERER #1: Hmm…you think I’d know that my own pet is not a stuffed animal and that she needs tlc. I don’t need criticism, please and thank you. I’m 15 and I’m handling this dog all by myself; sometimes with my brothers and sister interfering with training. And I thought I had made it clear that I had let the training lapse and that I needed help getting back on track. That’s what this post is about. I have let her training lapse, and I feel like I’ve been “covering” for her so my mom doesn’t see the spots. I feel horrible; like I don’t give her enough attention for training, but all I can do is ask for advice. So, thank you; answerer 2 and 3, for giving it to me. And great advice, I might add. I’ve never actually trained a dog…my grandma’s always done it with our pets. She passes them on to us when they become a hassle 😀 so I’m new. Thank you for the help. I’ll try the raincoat, even though my dad thinks they’re stupid. haha.

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Answer by hudsongray
You seem to think training is a one time only thing and the dog is ok for life? No such luck. You need to be reinforcing all the training regularly.

Get the poor dog a rain coat, they make them. The thing wraps around the body of the dog and many have hoods, it helps calm a dog in bad weather.

If you can’t afford to buy a book–why haven’t you checked your local libraries? They have a pet section with dog training books. You can google ‘housetraining a dog’ very easily online yourself.

Super busy or not, you took on a dog, the dog is your responibility. MAKE time to play with her and be part of her life. She’s not a stuffed toy.

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