How to stop my dog to chewing my son’s toys!?

Question by Mommy of two beautiful ♂: How to stop my dog to chewing my son’s toys!?
It’s getting very frustrated because my dog know he is not supposed to chewing his toys he know it! He just want to chewing my son’s toys because I think my dog is jealous of my son. My dog had toys of his own. He know what toys is his but he still chewing my son’s toys no matter what, before my dog does not do this now he doing it and been almost everyday! When I am here around him he won’t chew it but when I am not around him he will chew it! It’s make me very upset, because that is my son’s toys and it’s my son’s favorite toys which I had to throw away it’s not fair! and now my dog is chewing almost everything. I am also is expecting with my second again due in march so I do not want my dog keep going like this when my second baby come. Please help me. Please don’t said “get dog train”….. In case if you need to know – he’s a yorkie, and in jan he will be a year old so how do I stop him???
Yo LO! – Yes I have gate but my dog can jump out of gate, and he can jump higher than 4 step. My dog cannot separated be in room from the toys because we live in basement so no room around here but your idea was good, is there anything else idea? =\

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Answer by Yo LO! Aussie Grins
Keep the dog in a room separated from the toys – Baby Gates work wonders for dogs AND kids. Honestly, a dog don’t know the difference between dog toys and kid toys – If it’s laying on the floor, it’s fair game.

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