How to resolve feelings about other kids being “smarter” than yours?

Question by rainwriterm: How to resolve feelings about other kids being “smarter” than yours?
Note that I set “smarter” off with quotes to keep it subjective rather than objective. Right now I’m having a hard time because I feel like my 3 year old is falling way behind in learning. I _know_ that all kids learn and develop at their own paces yadda yadda, but at some point it _is_ true that some kids are learning more/better than others. There’s only so much of “My girl was fully potty trained before she was 2; my boy is speaking in 3 word sentences and he’s 20 months old; my 4 year old can read at a 2nd grade reading level etc before I start to feel like every other child is “smarter” than my son.

So, while I do understand the Theory of Multiple Intelligences (people learn in different ways and will have certain things come more naturally than others), and I totally understand that a lot of “smart” at this young age is directly related to kids being trained to behave that way in order to get their rewards or avoid their punishments rather than because they actually are learning, but I still feel like all of these other kids are just “smarter”.

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Answer by Heather Wilson
try those dvds that help your child learn it worked for my friends baby he learn to clap and the head shoulder knees toe dance and the chicken dance etc just from the video

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