How to build a REAL locomotive?

Question by Shadow: How to build a REAL locomotive?
how to build a REAL locomotive not a model train. I was thinking of making a small but operating real life locomotive for myselff. NOT G scale but the same size of some of the small locomotives on the rail today.
how to build a small shunting/switcher type locomotive out of stuff u can get from a junkyard?
i am thinking of building a single locomotive to run in my family small backyard out of JUNK. not the stuff they actually uses.


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Answer by Levi
What style?

Newer ones are run on big ole diesel motors with extreme transmissions to transfer that huge amount of torque into motion. It will be prohibitively expensive unless you are running a commercial line, otherwise everybody would have one.

Older styles run off of steam produced by burning coal and harnessing that heat to boil water. Again, to properly do this would require a large amount of antique parts and safety features, it’s gonna cost some big bucks. However, you MAY be able to create a similar device using a special holding tank and a woodstove rigged up similar to a residential water heater. Cold water goes in, heated up by the wood or coal in a tank, and passes out the other side as steam acting upon some pistons turning the wheels. It will be a lot of mechanical design but it is possible to do. It would undoubtedly be cheaper than going the diesel route, although still extremely expensive to build, and probably would be cheaper to operate as well. It won’t generate nearly as much power but can suffice for special historic tracks or an amusement park ride or something.

I would give up the idea altogether. There are better ways to spend your money, but I doubt you have that kind of cash to begin with or you would be speaking to an engineer, not Yahoo!Answers.

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