How to attach lights to an electric train track?

Question by jugglebum0: How to attach lights to an electric train track?
I have ten electric light poles for my HO scale train layout but I don’t know what to attach them to or what else I need. Please help ASAP
the light poles have wire attached to the bottom of each of them as well

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Answer by Stargazer
Typically they will have a small brass screw at the bottom of each lamp. You will need fine gauge wire, doorbell or speaker wire and an electrical source. Split the wire and attach one piece to each side of the screw. Depending on the voltage of each lamp and the voltage of the layout, you can either wire them in series or parallel. You will want to drill a hole in your layout board to run the wires underneath. A simple staple gun will help to attach the wires underneath.

Glue the lamps in place or make a holder they can sit in.

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