How Tall is Hogwarts? I am building a model railroad and wanted to add a certain school!?

Question by manniebothans: How Tall is Hogwarts? I am building a model railroad and wanted to add a certain school!?
The models I will use will be 1:160 (i.e. one foot would be modeled at 0.075 inches). The Hogwarts Express train I will be using will be in 1:148 scale (i.e. it takes .0812 inches to model 1 foot of structure).

Noble says their Hogwarts model “Measures approximately 13 inches in height,” but it looks like most of that is comprised of cliffs, & their Hogwarts is about 7 inches. That would make the Astronomy peak come close to looking 93 feet high next to other American N (1:160) scale structures– and about 86 feet tall compared to the British N-gauge (1:148) train.

A) Does anyone own the Noble Collection Hogwarts, and if so, how tall is just the Hogwarts portion of it? How accurate is this sculpt based on what we see in the movie and what is in the books? This sculpture has no way of internal lighting, correct?

B) Does J.K. Rowling ever list the height of Hogwarts in any of the books? How tall is the Astronomy Tower? Does she mention the height of any particular landmarks?

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Answer by The Queen Has Spoken
I’m not sure that the height was every mentioned. There are at least 5 stories. But stories are relevant to the structure. Old castles had high ceilings so one story in castle could be 1 1/2 to 2 stories in a modern translation of what a story is.

Dumbledore’s office was at the very top of the castle and I always had the impression that the round stairway was very very tall.. at least 1 1/2 to 2 stories high.

If I were you I would look at the movie scenes of the castle. The drawings in the books…

Then just make your own interpretation of what Hogswart Castle would look like.

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