how much is my lionel train set worth?

Question by sailor_star_of_hope: how much is my lionel train set worth?
ok i have a lionel train set my dad got it from his dad and his dad got itt for him when he was like 5 and my dad is 44 now so how much is it worth on the train it seas (lionel 027 or o27 and it was made at the lionel corporation in n.y so all i’m asking is how much its worth

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Answer by VinceHerman
Hi s_s_o_h,

Pictures will help.
Better description will help.
What wear and tear?
Train only? Cars? Track? Accessories?
Does it have the original box? What condition is the box in.

Condition and completeness are big factors in valuation, and you need to provide that. provides free image hosting. Get a digital camera, take some well lit pictures of the entire collection, and all of the parts. If there is any wear or missing pieces, make sure to have pictures that include those details. Post links to the online photos here as additional information, and include as much description of your set as you can.

Then we can give an accurate estimate for you.

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