how much is my lionel train set worth?

Question by UnmatchedDJ: how much is my lionel train set worth?
i have a old Tahoe V.&T.R.R. #20 train set i dont know how old it is my grandfather willed them to me i have all the original boxes to them and i can only find old photos of the train supposubley it was in and around carson city, then i have a 2 lionel pennsylvania passenger cars that have the numbers 4574 and 483 on them cant find them on the web either, and a mth united states mail railway post office 6560 car, all are in 10/10 shape just wondering if anyone new, thanks

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Answer by Ashley
I don’t know but why don’t you get it valued it might be worth your while. And i have heard they are worth more if you have the original boxes. I don’t know if your UK but if yes we have a programme called the Antiques Road Show

They value things people have had in their families for years. If you could take it to somewhere like this if its worth quite a bit it may be worth it Good Luck

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