How much do Lionel train sets sell for?

Question by My baby boy Westley is here 🙂: How much do Lionel train sets sell for?
I recently got a Lionel train set in an auction and just trying to find out its worth (and trying to put it together, seeing as this is the first train set I’ve purchased ever!) It has a two knob transformer, tracks stamped Lionel, the engine has the # 2018 written on the side. They are black and heavy. Under the engine it says “Made in the United States of America, Lionel 027, The Lionel Corporation , N.Y. It has the coal cart behind it, and 3 passenger carts stamped Lionel. It has the clip that goes under the track and the wiring.

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Answer by Holden McGroin
Depends on the condition and age.

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