How much and where can i sell this RARE lionel train?

Question by Seneca P: How much and where can i sell this RARE lionel train?
i have a 1 of a kind Lionel coal dumping car. It was given to me by a friend of someone who worked at Lionel. He developed a coal car that remotely dumps coal out of the car, but Lionel scrapped the idea even after he finished it. It fully works. All you do is hit a command on the remote control, and it automatically dumps the coal out of the car. Lionel has never had it like that before.

I also have an engine that im not sure of what it is. I do know that only 3 were ever created. They were created to train new employees on how it works. The train has an AC motor. It is fully functional.

So do you know anyone interested in purchasing extremely rare Lionel trains? Does anyone know exactly what the clear cab train is for?
from what i have seen, i have not seen coal dumping cars that work with the remote control. ALSO the clear cab train is not the motor type used now, and i have pictures to back it up if your interested in them.

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Answer by Ben H
Lionel made, and still makes, a whole bunch of coal dump cars that work in exactly the manner you describe.

There were also clear cab models of the F-3 produced. The originals were fairly rare, however they have recently been reproduced by both Lionel and MTH.

If the items you describe truly are factory prototypes, though, they’ll be hard to sell unless you have documentation stating as such.

At the very least, you need to let the standards committee of the Train Collectors Association have a look at them to ascertain their provenance. Not doing so would likely detract serious collectors(the sort who would likely be interested in this item) as well as lower the potential value.


Yes, I would definitely like to see pictures.

Lionel has kept their classic Pullmor type motor in production, and the reproductions clear shell F3s made a few years ago used the same type of motor as most of the Postwar F3s.

In any case, though, please do definitely post pictures.

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