How long are mainline runs?

Question by 68-76: How long are mainline runs?
As a model railroader for what seems ‘genetic’, I wonder sometimes what its like to be an engineer pulling a long freight out on the mainline for a ‘run’.

When those horses are finally busted loose and the train gets on its way, what can an engineer expect?
Is he haulin’ for a while [time wise], and what would be considered ‘a while’ ?
How long do them horses run?
Are you rippin’ for several hours straight? Non-stop?

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Answer by Derail
On my first railroad, BNSF, the longest run in my district was from Fargo to Minot, North Dakota, which was 276 miles. I don’t know about the other railroads or other BNSF districts though. Now, my longest run is 130 miles.

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