How good is this rap?

Question by : How good is this rap?
On a scale of 1-100 how good do u think this rap is cause a kid said it was out of one of eminem’s lost journals. and idk for sure cause there is no beat and stuff so if any one has the time put it all together.

I met a girl I loved her ass. Then I heard of her pass. She looked so clean I didn’t know she was so lean an such a hot fean. I got used like fool I though I was so cool iam such a tool I didn’t know about her little show. Ya she a strippa straight up iam rippa crippin and strippin for da men in da club sippin on some bub, we even fucked in the tub. Just cause we started to rub. Its all good like dub. I tend not to care so don’t start to stare is shock fuck u, off my cock! Look at me iam G don’t deign it. Iam shy an shit. That was lie oh imma fry. Don’t touch me don’t even try it will end in a cry. Don’t believe me come at me once it wont end with romance. But it’ll end with no pants. But not in a funny stance. if so don’t take the chance ill put u in a trance. Ull wake up at the bottom of the river missing a liver cause iam mean ill even take ur spleen iam so keen. Im lean too ill cut u, and rob jew cause that’s how I do. If not then that’s u. iam hard to get but easier to get if ur brain aint shit I keep ur mind on track like a train im in it all for the fame iam so lame I can tame u like a dog iam hog ill beat u with a log, dog wrong ill kill u I don’t let u live. I take an never give

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Answer by Hazar Denli
35 i would say.
however like eminem says “i shoudnt have to rhyme these words in rhytm for you to know its a rap.

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