How does one tell what gauge of Marklin one has?

Question by ccoerhs: How does one tell what gauge of Marklin one has?
how do you tell what gauge model railroad is?

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Answer by Will See
Gauge is the distance between the rails, so just measure the inside distance. You probably mean what Scale (reduction from the real thing) you have. I’m using US information because that’s what I’m most familiar with. Other countries had similar situations even if measurements differed.

G Gauge (various scale reductions run on this track) Marklin uses 1/32 — gauge 45 mm
O 1/48 1/4″ = 1 foot — gauge 32 mm
HO 1/87 3.5 mm = 1 foot — gauge 16.5 mm
N 1/160 — gauge 9 mm
Z 1/220

This distinction between scale and gauge is important because not all real trains were built to the same gauge. In the US after about 1870 almost all railroads were built to standard gauge (4 feet, 8 1/2 inches) but some were wider (the Erie was 6 feet), some narrower. Most narrow gauge railroads were 3 foot gauge, some (mainly in New England) were 2 foot gauge. Some industrial railroads were even narrower.

Assuming your models are standard gague, if you measure the gauge it will tell you what scale they are (see the list above).

Marklin has made many scales of trains, but currently they’re making only HO, Z, and G.

So measure the track, and you’ll probably know what scale you have.

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