How can i spice up an acting/modeling resume for a beginner with no experience ?

Question by ~JeSsIcA~: How can i spice up an acting/modeling resume for a beginner with no experience ?
My little sister is getting into acting/modeling and i am helping her. The problem is for experience and training she has none at all. Shes never been in school plays or anything like that and shes never had any kind of training what so ever. So what should i do? I want to be honest. I know its going to look bad just blank in those areas “experience and training”. I am planning on getting her experience and training but right now i need to get this resume together because she want to audition for something coming up very soon. Anyone had the same problem? Anyone know of some kind of solution? Thanks.
None of you helped what so ever especially anne! Anne you say your auditioning for New Moon well then you yourself should know that they are seeking new talent regardless of experience or training and on this website they actual give you a sample resume for begginers that want to audition sooooo? Yes begginers do need resumes! You dont have any clue what you are talking about neither of you do! Also if you look at this website thats promoting casting for New Moon, at the bottom of the sample resume it says: “That is it you see, if a casting director really REALLY likes your photo and your look, they will call you in. Regardless of experience” It may not be typical but people can get jobs regardless of experience! Neither of you actually answered my question you just gave me your opinionated advice! So i guess i should make myself more clear and ask the question in a different way. In the areas “experience and training” of a begginers resume instead of “none” What can i put?
In other words whats a more appealing way of saying “none” and that this person is in the process of getting training and experience!

Sample resume for begginers!
And yes i know they probably dont care that a person is in the process of getting training and experience but my whole point is i dont want to write the word “none” in those areas or leave them blank i want to put something down!

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Answer by Ablation
Then your sister is not ready for a resume and auditions would be a waste of everyone’s time. Get her into classes somewhere first and go from there.

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