How can I improve my head voice?

Question by Wicked Witch of the East Coast: How can I improve my head voice?
At my school, we are doing the musical “Guys and Dolls,” and I have been asked to audition for the part of Sarah Brown. I am aware that this part is hard and requires vocal training, which I have…but my head voice is nothing special. It’s weak and doesn’t extend very far up the scale without getting breathy. For example, I can hit E and F below high C without much difficulty, but after that it gets much harder. As Sarah, I would need to be able to hit G and A below high C and sustain them. Also, Sarah does a lot of singing in the middle range, where I would feel more comfortable breaking into my chest voice because my head voice decreases in volume.

How can I add those notes to my register and strengthen the quality of my head voice? (The audition is a month away, just btw.)
Um…thanks, but I was looking for something a little more specific? Like exercises, all that jazz.

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Answer by William R
i’m not really sure but you can practice everyday until you get better.but don’t practice too much it strain your can also try drinking tea and something warm to help you with your voice.

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