How can I get my guinea pig to be quieter?

Question by : How can I get my guinea pig to be quieter?
I’ve had 2 guinea pigs for about a year now.. One is very quiet, and the other is VERY loud. Whenever any one enters the house or the bedroom, he just shrieks and shrieks and shrieks.. Like incredibly loudly. I swear he’s as loud as a baby crying. And he doesn’t just do this when someone comes home, he does it basically all the time, unless he’s sleeping. I feel like he gets enough attention, water, food, toys, etc. Is there any way I can “train” him to be quieter like the other pig? Any suggestions would be really helpful because I’m getting to the point where I might need to rehome the little guy. 🙁

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Answer by Lizzie
My male guinea pig always squeaked a greeting when I or a visitor arrived. I would go to see him and offer him a bit of fresh greens. Lawn grass or dandelions are fine as long as the plants have NOT been chemically treated. Favorite fruits will work and so will lettuce, etc.

I suggest that you go to him, give him attention and some fresh greens or fruits, and make sure he has plenty of good hay (Timothy hay is preferable). A chewing guinea pig is a quiet, happy guinea pig. And change the toys every week so they don’t get so bored.

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