Hornby Model Railways For Collectors And Enthusiasts

Hornby model railways have graced the living rooms and lofts of enthusiasts and children for decades. First established back in 1901 and developed from the Meccano mechanical toy range, the first clockwork train was built and produced in 1920 with the first 00 gauge Hornby model railway produced in 1938. Since that time, Hornby model railways have remained the most popular brand of model railways in the UK and continue to produce high quality and long lasting railways, trains, and a range of other accessories.
Hornby History
With a long and colourful history, Hornby model railways have become popular as a collector’s fascination almost as much as a quality source of model railway. Railway enthusiasts young and old from all around the world now collect new and old Hornby trains and model railways sets. Whether for retirement or as a first train set there is a model railway to suit.


Hornby Products
As well as the trains and track, Hornby also manufactures extremely detailed track accessories, bridges, sidings, shops, buildings, and other items. The keen enthusiast can build an entire village and beyond using Hornby items. The Skaledale and Lyddle End brands are among two of the most commonly collected with the former offering a range of resin buildings and other accessories designed predominantly for the ever popular 00 gauge Hornby model railway.
Continued Success
The reason for Hornby’s continued success is their attention to detail as well as the provision of high quality, professionally engineered and expertly manufactured model railways and accessories. Most of the buildings are based on Great Western Railway buildings using a red sandstone design while the trains and carriages, as well as the track, are modelled closely on actual trains and track. Enthusiasts looking to create a realistic setup that will last for years have come to rely on the Hornby brand.

Hornby Model Railways
Whether you’re looking for an investment, a first train set, or an extension to an existing setup Hornby model railways are the number one choice for UK train enthusiasts. Their high quality, incredible attention to detail, and continued manufacturing of top quality products has helped Hornby remain at the very top of their game for decades.

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