Holiday Train Sets Help?

Question by Kelly S: Holiday Train Sets Help?
We want to put a train around the bottom of our tree this year but need some help. I bought a train a couple years ago, the large kind, and it was SO loud that it was obnoxious and I took it back. It also played music but there was no way to turn it off. I’m not very wise with this train stuffso could someone send me a link to a train large enough for around the tree that can play music but can be turned off, and isn’t very loud and that looks really nice. I’m willing to pay anything for it. Are Lionel trains loud????

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Answer by discoverytoys_toylady
This one sound like it’s nice…and cheaper…but I can’t find out if it’s music is continuous or if it can be shut off

This one is a Lionel…don’t know if it is loud, but it has good ratings…expensive though…don’t know if the music can be turned off..

This one I think looks the best…I am pretty sure the music can be turned off… (it’s $ 400 though)….check it out! This page has some very prestigious clients…so I am imagining it is well worth the money!

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