HO Scale Model Trains Set (Which one’s are good for a beginner)?

Question by Deadly 1889: HO Scale Model Trains Set (Which one’s are good for a beginner)?
I already own a lot of HO scale trains but I don’t have any track. I recently decided to get back into modeling trains although i don’t want to make any big layout i just want a larger scale floor piece. Any suggestions ? I am already looking at one on amazon it is a Life Like RailRoad Empire set. I am kind of strapped to ordering off of amazon so I would like it to be sold by them. Finally my budget is $ 100 and below. Thanks.

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Answer by railbuff
You have to decide between sectional track and flextrack.
Flextrack comes in 3 foot lengths and can be laid in straight or curved lines. The track must be cut using very sharp cutters. I would recommend Xuron track cutters, available at most hobby stores.
Recommended: Atlas, Peco or Shinohara.
Sectional track pieces fit together in pre-shaped pieces (curved and straight) and of different length and curvature.
The best is probably Atlas.
Turnouts, if they are to be used are also available from each of the three companies.

A 4′ x 8′ layout would cost about $ 70.00 in track plus $ 15-$ 20 per turnout.

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