HO Scale model trains ?

Question by Dan M: HO Scale model trains ?
Recently my dad passed away and my brother and i are in the process of cleaning out his house so we got all the up stairs cleaned so it was time to move to the basement we noticed that my dad had himself quite the model train collection we knew he was into it just did’nt know that into it on 3 tables 9 feet by 4 feet custom made . there was just all trains and tracks and villages all over well we carefully disassembled the tracks scenery and luckily for us my dad saved all the boxes to the trains Engines and Cars well we matched all the numbers on the box to the train in went to . My question is what in the world are my brother and i are going to do with all this . Without doing the E-bay thing what are other options my brother and i can do we know there is alot of money invested in these Trains just by looking at the price tags that were on the box and we just dont want to give them away either …..It’s mostly Boston to Maine R.R or Conrail with a few others …please if yah could help thank you .

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Answer by helltrum
their most likely worth over $ 100 each, except for contrail their about $ 50

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