which is located in the loft of my house. I have recently completed most of the planned scenic work on this German outline model railway which is set approximately in the early 1950s. The baseboards are approximately 2 foot wide and the whole layout takes up a space of approximately 8 foot by 16 foot. with kneeling space in the middle! I thought it would be interesting to take a video at just above ground level, as it were, as if at a real place and to watch the occasional train pass by. The backscenes are made by joining together prints taken from my photos of local scenery. Sound effects come from playing another video tape of real trains on another camcorder with the assistance of wind blowing through the rafters on a stormy day! There are some earlier video uploads of this layout. If you would care to see them, search under VALENDORF. It is also used in my video titled MODEL BUSES AND TRAINS.
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