HO model railroad questions about Shinohara code 100 turnouts?

Question by : HO model railroad questions about Shinohara code 100 turnouts?
1) Are these turnouts compatable with Atlas code 100 track?
2) Do these turnouts snap back and forth like a Peco switch does?
3) What is the difference between the #4 and the #6 double crossover turnouts? Does one have a little bit tighter radius than the other, or is one unit longer than the other? It’s a little bit hard to tell by just looking at the photograph.
4) Are these good quality turnouts?

Thanks. Any answers will be greatly appreciated. I already have different size Atlas and peco switches, but this crossover turnout is a great idea and would sure save a lot of work and time, and I’d be able to use my regular switches somewhere else..

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Answer by AJ Gonfiantini
I’m not sure about the second question because I don’t own a Shinohara switch/turnout, but I have the flex track and it is fine with Atlas Code 100 track. To preven derailments I solder the rails together. I would assume it’s a tighter radius. The Walthers flex track is ok, but I would think the switches are good too.

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