HO Model Railroad Model Railway Train Layout

*** CHECK OUT MY HO TRAIN DISPLAY SHELVES ON EBAY. JUST SEARCH “DONALD3968” IN THE SEARCH BAR ON EBAY. *** This is my 10′ x 13′ HO railroad. I started it a long time ago, several addresses ago. It’s grown a lot since then but won’t get much bigger than it is now. It is not real fancy. For example I use snap switches, horn hook couplers, house light switches for block power, and doorbell buttons for yard track selectors. The yard is wired up so you need only press one button to select your route down one of seven tracks. That required diodes and took a little time to figure out. Other points of interest are that the large steel mill was made of poster board, there is moving water at that factory, the turntable pit has metal walls which supply power to the track on the platform since it is turned manually by a wooden disc that sticks out the side of the table, and a few buildings were cobbled together from parts and material found in boxes and boxes of train stuff. This layout can be operated because it has 5 industries that give almost 2 hours of work! All music from www.freeplaymusic.com
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