HiDef: Spring Brings the Circus Train, Rare and Nice Lashups to the NS Harrisburg Line

Warbonnets, Conrails, Ringling Brothers, foreign power, all admist the usual Canadian Pacific and Norfolk Southern trains of the NS Harrisburg Line. You’ll see a lot in this spring sampler, and just a note, this video like many others I have uploaded, will all eventually be available on DVD. This is why I don’t show full clips of trains, not to mention I am pressed for file-size time, but I like to keep you all entertained so I hope you enjoy what I do put up. (For more details: read more below the power list). 3-20-10 The first day of spring and 19G shows off its many units in the afternoon sun. NS SD70M-2 2690 NS SD60 6584 NS D9-40CW 9335 NS D9-40CW 9390 NS D8-40CW 8382 UP SD70M 4404 3-21-10 Eastbound loaded automotive racks 18N in some nice sun, but the trees are still bare. NS SD70 2561 NS D9-40CW 9904 3-22-10 Ethanol loads 68Q in some spring rain with a relatively rare CSX locomotive trailing. NS D9-40CW 9660 UP AC4400CW 6620 CSX SD60 8712 3-22-10 A lashup of all ex-Conrails on 19G, misfortune would have it that the leader is black, when in fact it is rarer to see a black SD50 than a blue one, but still a nice trio of power for 2010. NS SD50 5429 NS SD60I 6758 Conrail Quality NS GP38-2 5281 Conrail Quality 3-27-10 A pair of standard cabs on 14G; this is an increasingly rarer site in the new decade. NS SD70 2563 NS SD60 6628 3-27-10 That afternoon, 19G meets 33A, both of which have nice power. All units are running on 19G and units 1, 2, and 4 are running on 33A
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