Help with G scale train engine?

Question by Janye: Help with G scale train engine?
I don’t know much about trains, but I bought a cheap Continentail Express toy engine for my brother’s birthday. I’ll try to explain this thing the best I can; Its around 12 inches, and has a “Christmas” type theme to it. It’s rather charming once you get used to the loud noise and smell of the engine. So anyway, it stopped steaming. And I found a little black hole near the engine’s spout, so, do I put something in there or what? And if I do, what do I put in? Also, it is battery operated, so there’s nothing else I can see to be done. Do I put water in that little hole? But then why does the steam smell like that? Is it some kind of oil??? 😛

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Answer by peatsme
If your train engine is like my model trains (which are HO scale), you have to buy “smoke fluid” from your local hobby store and then put it in there to make more smoke.

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