Help me interpret blood test results (metabolism related)?

Question by tankertruck: Help me interpret blood test results (metabolism related)?
I have very poor health insurance — requesting a second opinion isn’t possible. After seeing my “normal” results, my doctor seems unwilling to consider a thyroid problem, and from what I am reading online, I think he should consider the possibility that I do have a (slight hypothyroid) problem. Can anyone help interpret my results and symptoms?

First, the test results that concern me:
albumin 4.7 g/dL (reference range, 3.7-5.1)
globulin 2.2 g/dL (ref. range, 3.7-5.1)
albumin/globulin ratio 2.1 (ref. range, 0.8-2.0) high / abnormal
T3 uptake 30% (ref. range, 22-35)
T4 free 0.9 ng/dL (ref. range, 0.8-1.8) low end of scale
TSH 1.61 mIU/L (ref. range, 0.40-5.50)

Symptoms: unexplained weight gain of 40 lbs over 3 months. Since weight gain, I’ve been doing an hour of cardio 6 times per week, weight training 3 times a week. I tried eating a balanced diet (approx 1200 cals per day), but no weight loss. I can only lose weight now that I’ve cut back to 500-1000 calories a day.
Thanks all. Unfortunately, my insurance doesn’t allow me to see an endocrinologist without a diagnosis. Because my test results are normal (even though I have other symptoms), my general practitioner can’t/won’t diagnose me with anything — and thus, I can’t see an endocrinologist.

Also, I did try upping my calories. I was eating normally (balanced, healthy diet), but when that didn’t work, I started restricting heavily — very low calorie intake has been the only thing that’s allowed me to lose even a little weight.

Thanks again for your responses.

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Answer by curious
My best advice would be make an appointment with and endocrinologist. Just because your tests are normal does not mean that you don’t have a thyroid problem. Some people have thyroid storms. I have that problem but we never catch it on time to get the lab work done. I have seen a endocrinologist and they can tell you if anything is wrong. It doesn’t cost anymore than going to your regular doctor.

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