Help me improve myself?

Question by Sam Raymond: Help me improve myself?
Okay, a couple of things before I start.

I am 14 years old and weigh 115 pounds. I am 5’7. What I want to get done by the end of summer is to be more fit, by getting stronger and with more endurance, (and it wouldn’t hurt to look pretty buff) and get good at running.

I have been going to the gym for about a year now, 5 days a week, and I’ve gotten pretty much no results. The only things I do are running, bicep curls, and Lat Pulldowns. The maximum I can do for bicep curls are 10 pounds, and I usually do 10 curls about 5 times.

For the Lat Pulldown, I can do 80 pounds and I also do that 10 times, about 5 times.

Can someone actually give me some kind of regimen, or anything I can follow that will give me the results I want? (Get strong, look buff)

Now for running. I’m signed up for Cross Country when I start high school next year, because running is really the only sport I have a chance of getting into. However, I need a lot of training.

The maximum miles I can run in one shot is 3 miles, and that’s going at a 9 mile pace.

The most I can run one mile is 7:00. I once ran a mile in 6:40 but that really killed me.

What I want is to be able to run at least 5 miles in at least 7:30, and run a mile in 6.
Can this be done by August 1? (The day of tryouts)

I’d appreciate it if you guys can help me with everything I asked.

I also don’t know that many technical terms for working out yet. (I don’t know what a “set” is, and stuff), so can you guys also tell me what all the technical words mean, so I can actually follow training regimens that you guys hopefully post?

Thanks, I know this seems like a lot, but I really need this.

Here’s a link to some pictures of me:
(Note I only get a six pack when flexing right after working out)

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Answer by Migtht T
I usually use Slam in between CD’s, and with imp. slam don’t forget that you can cast it while moving, and since I use Glyph of Slam, it hits hard when I burst, and as for the buff that stacks 3 times, I think that is Lambs to the Slaughter which is a buff that gives you a stronger Mortal Strike after each one (3 max). So that is why I usually want to use MS on an opponent 2-3 times before I use colossus smash on them so that when I hit them with MS/HS combo then it hits them harder.
To be honest though, that is what I do less than half the time,

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