Help in starting a Model Railroad?

Question by Keanu P: Help in starting a Model Railroad?
How do people start a model railway layout. I have a model railway store near by. (Australia) How would you get started?, like the track and 3rd rail, tunnels you know EVERYTHING! please help 🙂 more out of curiosity.

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Answer by railbuff
The store is a good resource. You could ask there about any Model railroad clubs that are in your area, or perhaps about shows nearby.
These are resources that are extremely helpful to many getting started in the hobby. Other resources include magazines and/or books.
The important thing tp realize that it is your hobby! You decide what you want to model, how you want to model it, and then go about the business of learning the skills you need to accomplish what you want to do. It’s amazing how good it feels to have a car built by yourself that runs well and looks good. – to you.
Finally a website –
This wil get you to the National Model Railroad Association. Go to regions and find Australia. You should find some contact information there.
I’m from Canada myself, and am a member of the NMRA.

If you have the opportunity to visit a model layout (club or individual) take it. You can certainly get ideas for your own layout, as well as learning what can be done – and since people in the hobby usually love to share, how to do it as well.

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