HD: Nighttime Train Action at the Rochelle Railroad Park / 6-12-12

Watch in HD!!!! This was the stuff I caught on the night of June 12th during my 2 day Trip up to Rochelle. Most of the Action I saw on this day happened during the evening and Night hours. Train 1: Westbound KG1LAC Doublestack Train Global 1 Intermodal, Illinois – Los Angeles, California UP #7357 {AC45CCTE} UP #7647 {AC45CCTE} UP #7513 {AC45CCTE} UP #7898 {AC45CCTE} DPU Train 2: Eastbound Loaded Ethanol Train UP #4816 {SD70M} UP #5041 {SD70M} Train 3: Westbound AGBMI Loaded Autorack Train Gibson, Indiana (IHB) – Milpitas, California UP #4601 {SD70M} UP #6814 {AC44CW} Train 4: Eastbound S-SEACHI Doublestack Train Seattle, Washington – Chicago, Illinois BNSF #7711 {ES44DC} BNSF #6955 {ES44C4} Train 5: Eastbound ZPDG2 Intermodal Train Albina, OR (North Portland Junction) – Global 2 Intermodal, Illinois UP #7887 {AC45CCTE} UP #4109 {SD70M} UP #7699 {AC45CCTE} Taken June 12, 2012 Rochelle, Illinois Union Pacific Geneva Subdivision BNSF Aurora Subdivision

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