(HD) Ashford International 24/10/09

Ashford International Railway Station 24.10.09 On the first video, we see a Javelin Arriving. Note between 30 – 38 seconds, bottom left of the train you can see the 3rd Rail pickup shoe working, then on departure, it was using OHLE. —————————————————————- – Javelin arrives for StPancras, with a Eurostar set passing in the background (We were waiting to film the Eurostar – Typical). ———– Videos 1. Eurostar Passes heading for StPancras International 2. Southeastern Class 465 Departs Ashford with tone 3. Southeastern Class 375 Departs Ashford 4. Random 5. Southeastern Class 375 Departs Ashford with Whistle 6. Eurostar Passes Ashford for Paris 7. Eurostar Arrives into Ashford for London StPancras International 8. (HSJ)Southeastern High Speed Javelin Departs Ashford for StPancras International ————- Still Shots 9. Javelin Still Shot 10. Javelin Lights / Nose detail shot 11. Javelin Pantograph detail shot 12. Javelin Departs 13. Javelin Departs, photo slightly over exposed to give high speed impression 14. Southeastern 465 15. Ashford station 16. HS1 Catenary shot

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