Hand Made Dog Collars?

Question by CanineTruth: Hand Made Dog Collars?
I’ve been looking around for home made crafts i could sell on my site to raise money for the site and different organizations (maybe even get myself some pocket change that i could use to spoil my pets and maybe buy a dog training book or two i’ve been wanting!)

I came across the idea of home made dog collar and leash sets, and I even found a pattern or two. I was just wondering if anybody on here has ever tried to make a home made collar, and what pattern they used (or how they did it). And how do you know that one of these things is going to be sturdy enough? Safe enough?

Obviously i won’t sell any until i’ve perfected the idea and tested them out to make sure they where safe (if i even do it). I’m just curious. There seem to be a lot of people in my area that are into custom collars, so i figure why not try and see what the demand is like.

Note: the patterns i found call for using 100% cotton materials with interfacing or nylon webbing.

Again, just curious.

Also, what would you want to see before buying a “home made collar/leash set”? Video demo, etc?
Thanks for all the answers – there are some good points and advice, so far!

The pattern has the option to add nylon webbing, which i think would be a bit sturdier. I’ll be trying both options. I have a good machine (mom’s into quilting, and i’ve dabbled myself) so hopefully that’ll be good enough for this.

I agree that safety is important. The person offering the pattern has been making collars from it since 2009, so that to me is a sign that the collars are pretty sturdy (if they had issues with them then i would assume they wouldn’t still be selling.) Obviously the collars will be tested prior to sale – i have access to dogs that pull so i can test them easily enough – and for people who want assurance i can offer samples.

I’m also going to offer the collars as “fashion only” – no leash hook. I know a few people who buy collars for every holiday, changing of seasons, etc etc but don’t use them to walk their dogs.

Thanks again!

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Answer by Aduial
Honestly, although that’s a sweet idea, I don’t think that I’d buy one. I want something seriously seriously trustworthy for the safety of my dog. I think I’d only trust larger companies for that.

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