girlfriend refuses to engage in my fantasy?

Question by : girlfriend refuses to engage in my fantasy?
i do have a fantasy that involves wiping my girlfriends rear when she is done in the bathroom. I just find it so sexy to pretend to take care of her like a baby and do everythng for her including wipe her when she does the bathroom. id love to “potty train” her in which id pretend to teach her how to do things like wipe herself , as if she was a baby. id also want her to wear a diaper. but not necessarily go to the bathroom in the diaper. just wear it . just act like a baby. and also play with baby toys . not all the time, just during foreplay. my girlfriend thinks this is gross and was like “hell no!” and its just absolutely not. she absoltuely wont let me wipe her or wear the diaper. we have had sex, but this is a fantasy id really love to try. What do I do?

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