Gainsborough Model Railway

This took me far too long to edit… I have about 25 mins of raw footage, and managed to reduce it to a ten minute chunk. It was not easy! Anyway, this is the best of that footage, showing the majority of the layout. Gainsborough Model Railway is the largest O gauge model railway in the country, with over 150 locomotives (mainly steam), over 100 coaches, over 200 wagons, and just over half a mile of track with 9 stations! To appreciate it properly you have to go there yourself. It is based on the East Coast Main Line, from London King’s Cross to Leeds Central, and is all hand-built. King’s Cross Station and its associated trackwork truly is a remarkable testament to the model maker; it is huge, and magnificently detailed. Now to begin working on my new series; Isle of Man Transport… may take a while though!

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