G-Scale Garden Train meets and chases snake in tunnel

No need for sound in this – just turn it down. While working in the yard my dog got atypically sniffy around a G-scale train tunnel I don’t often run trains though. I went to look and found the snake. I put a cell phone on junky battery-operated toy train and backed it into the tunnel to get a better look at the type of snake. I gave the snake a push so he would move to where I could see him better to ID him. He then sithered up into another tunnel. I believe it’s a gopher snake, but I’m not a snake guy and corrections are welcome. With the help of some squirt guns he made his way out of the fenced yard into into the vacant area nextdoor. Hopefully his negative train experience will keep him from coming back into the yard.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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